How to Dress for a ‘Casual’ Job Interview


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Job interviews can be a minefield. First impressions are crucial so it’s vital to hit the right note with your outfit.

Believe it or not, this is much harder for a casual interview. With a corporate job, you know exactly what’s expected, but if you’re interviewing for a company that doesn’t expect suits and ties you have to use your judgement – and risk getting it wrong.

If you’re really lucky, you might get an indication of what to wear when you’re invited to the interview i.e. “Great, why don’t you come in for a chat next week, dead casual, don’t dress up or anything”. But if not then don’t worry – we’re here to help. If you are looking for ideas what to wear to a more corporate job interview, check out this post from Jiggler Lord Berlue, but if your big day’s at an eccentric tech start up, then read on...

Focus On Separates

If you’re going for a creative job working in an office environment, opting for separates is your best bet. A full suit looks extremely corporate, but wearing a blazer and trousers in different tones is more relaxed but still smart enough for an interview. Try our Elton or Finch blazers with lighter chinos for that Ivy League chic.

The Button-Down Shirt

The button down shirt is a classic wardrobe staple, and it’s perfect for a casual job interview. Wear it on its own (buttoned to the top) or layered with a blazer. Try a subtly patterned shirt like Baring – remember light colours are more formal than dark, but as long as it’s not completely plain you won’t look too corporate.

Slim Fitting Denims

Yes, you can wear jeans for a job interview with a certain kind of company. The sort that lists employees pets on its website would be open to this look, but always stick to dark, slim fitting styles. Washed out ripped drainpipes are obviously out of the question, but you knew that. Still, you should always err on the side of caution and if in doubt, go with some navy chinos instead.


Shoes are important; they have a massive impact on your overall outfit. Stick to classic oxfords or brogues which you’ve scrupulously polished and if in doubt, just wear black.

Do you need a tie? It depends. If you’re not wearing a full suit a tie is not normally considered essential, and they don’t pair particularly well with button down collars. On the other hand if you’re a tie aficionado with a huge collection that you want to show off then knock yourself out – it won’t count against you unless it’s got Homer Simpson on.

Finish off with a firm handshake and good eye contact. That’s it!

Good luck with your next job interview and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for their opinion too – real people know you and what looks great on you!

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