About Us

Partners in crime Ralph Bewley, and Eddie Ritch spent their formative years in London during the hazy days of the swinging Sixties. Initially City traders, they were quickly sucked into a heady world of elite partying and cocktail fuelled counterculture and traded in their city boy pinstripes to hit the road for Monaco.

True pioneers of this cultural awakening, they sought out some of the world’s most elite parties and sporting events, paying their way through textile trading. Realising how lucrative this was, they decided to focus on their growing fashion credentials, and built their brand on the firm belief that in order to exude confidence, one has to feel comfortable.

Their story is the inspiration behind our modern take on the B&R collection. Great shapes, attentive detailing, and a direct adoption of their approach to colour, gives the range a casual, confident feel. Launched in Manchester in 2011, Bewley and Ritch represents the best of English heritage, blended with contemporary trends. The result is a stylish twist on high street fashion for the individual, modern-day cad.

Mature beyond your rivals. Rebelling against conformity. Style is your greatest asset.