Five Instagram Accounts really worth following

A man needs more than just tips and advice to reach his style goals. We also need inspiration and here at Bewley we love nothing more than a glimpse into the lives of our favourite fashion folk, and that is exactly what Instagram affords us. Here are our favourites (in no particular order):

 Rale Popic

1) Rale Popic 

Slovenian lifestyle and fashion blogger Rale Popic has a huge passion for sophisticated fashion with outfits that reflect his creativity and personality. You will not catch this guy having a bad wardrobe day or for that matter a bad hair day. Rale travels throughout Europe refining his look and capturing elegant shots against iconic backdrops. Jealous? Us? Never.

Follow him on instagram: @ralepopic

Read his blog:

Antonio Pozo

2) Antonio Pozo 

If you’re into your fitness as well as fashion then you should definitely be following Antonio Pozo. He’s got a great eye for casual streetwear and stunning locations; one advantage of living in Spain is it’s always a good day for taking photos! You’ll also get to see his workout routines through his Instagram stories so there’ll be excuse not to get his physique...

Follow him on Instagram @Antonio.pozo

Gianluca Ala

3) Gianluca Ala 

Gianluca Ale is an Italian fashion and lifestyle influencer who fits in being law student around his busy schedule of, er, looking awesome. His style is very elegant and distinctive and his stunning photos boast some enviable locations. This guy provides a great guide to matching neutral fabrics – and he looks right at home on a yacht. 

Follow him on @Gianluca_ala

Sohi Malih

4) Sohi Malih

Munich based Solih Malih has a much edgier look than the others on our list, but his photos still have that clean, professional look that makes you want to keep scrolling. Every shot is thoughtfully put together so you notice the smaller details of each outfit – a great lesson in accessorising casual looks.

Check out his instagram @sohi.malih

Raffaelle Coseglia

5) Raffaelle Coseglia

Based in Naples, Rafaelle Coseglia exudes that typical Italian confidence and charisma that comes with being utterly confident of your own style. This instagram account will give you some great style inspiration and probably get you booking a trip to Italy as well!

Check out his instagram @RaffaelleCoseglia

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