Why you should wear blazers more often

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One word – versatility.

Most of us can stand to a look a bit smarter on a day to day basis. Ask a woman what style she looks for in a man and the answer is never baggy sweats and faded tees. Dressing smarter automatically gets you respect and opens doors – if you’ve ever failed to get into a nightclub it’s probably because you weren’t wearing a blazer. But blazers don’t have to super formal – remember there’s a big difference between looking stylish and looking formal. A casual blazer will make you look smart and stylish and pull your whole outfit together, without looking like you’re overdressed.

In the market for a new blazer? Here are a few pointers for finding the right one.


There are so many different styles of blazer out there, from double or single button, unstructured or structured shoulders and so on. We find that unstructured shoulders without shoulder padding make for a more casual fit and taper to the shape of the body. We prefer either single or double button blazers depending on the occasion. Generally speaking the fewer buttons, the more casual the blazer style.


Of course a great blazer must fit well. To get an awesome blazer that isn’t too loose or too tight, know your chest measurement and don’t breathe in when buttoning it up... that’s just kidding yourself! Always try a blazer on standing – you’ll normally undo the buttons when sat down.


After finding the right fit, consider what colours will go best with your wardrobe. Grey, navy and blue are the safest and most versatile options, but brown or tan are also great casual options. If you want something trendier, go for a more vibrant blue. Proceed at your own risk with any other bright colours!


So what to wear with your oh so versatile blazer? Well the sky’s the limit, but an oxford shirt is classic. You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt, or use the blazer to tame something crazier like Lyons.

A slim pair of dark wash jeans will pair perfectly with any blazer and dress it down, but you don’t have to stop there. Slouchy or distressed jeans can add an interesting and unexpected twist to the look, or swap jeans for chinos for a more formal overall look.

Check out Gianluca Ala below repping the Bewley and Ritch Bentley blue blazer with the Krised white shirt. Hopefully you’re inspired to start wearing your blazers a bit more, or investing in some new ones! Check out our full range of blazers here.

Gianluca Ala

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