What Not to Wear to a Wedding

What Not to Wear to a Wedding

Wedding season is fast approaching and whether you're the best man, usher, friend or just that person that scraped their way onto the invite list, you're going to need something to wear. We here at Bewley have been to our fair share of weddings and we have seen some terrible wedding attire. 

There's enough blog posts out there to tell you what to wear to a wedding, so we thought we would put a list together of things that you definitely shouldn't wear! 

1) A Tuxedo
Turning up in something that doesn't go with the wedding theme can be disastrous. Do not, under any circumstances, upstage the bride or groom. Wedding guests should avoid wearing tuxedos unless they are explicitly instructed to wear them on the wedding invitation. If the invitation indicates that black tie apparel is required, check with the bride or groom to find out what colour the groomsmen will be wearing and choose a different colour. But make sure its nothing ridiculous - no one likes the idiot who turns up in an orange tuxedo. 
2) Inappropriate footwear 
Choosing the correct footwear for a wedding is vital. Men should never wear athletic shoes to a wedding - ever! One of the main advantages of dress and formal shoes is that they go with everything - a simple pair of brown or black brogues will complement pretty much any wedding outfit.
Always wear a dark pair of socks with dress shoes and shouldn't even think about white shoes. Flip-flops are never appropriate wedding wear. So don't even go there. 


3) Causal Attire

Guests who are told to wear casual attire to a wedding must not misinterpret this information. It's wise to stick to the type of casual attire allowed by corporate offices on casual Friday. No matter how casual a wedding seems, it is never appropriate to wear jeans and t-shirts or even worse... shorts. 

In general, a shirt is only suitable for a wedding if it has buttons. Make sure it's not a polo or a T-shirt. Show that you have made some effort and stick with a nice shirt and a pair of chinos if you're going for a more casual vibe. 

Here's a look you can pull off for both a smart and casual summer weddings - trust us, you can't go wrong with this look!


1) The Delon Blazer

2) The Zaire Waistcoat

3) Krised White 



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