How to Make the Perfect Steak

How to Make the Perfect Steak

Often the crown jewel of any menu is a well-prepared steak. Being able to make this yourself will make life so much better and cheaper. Any real man must know how to cook the perfect steak in order to impress their dinner guests with an impressive meal. There any many different types of steak so this might help you decide what to go for...



We recommend you start with a 30oz rib eye steak to share with one or two other people. According to executive chef Dino Tsakins, “the ribeye has a decadent flavoring of richness and butteriness” and the ribeye’s high fat content “offers generous marbling therefore the meat has more moisture to cook with”.


How to prepare ribeye steak at home…

First of all, regardless of the technique being used, take the steak from the refrigerator and let it sit out for about 10-15 minutes. Lightly coat the meat with oil so that the seasoning sticks and it stops the meat from sticking to the pan. Then top with your desired seasoning.


On the grill

- Get your gas or charcoal grill as hot as possible (making sure to leave an appropriate gap between the source and grates, this may vary depending on your grill)


- For a medium-rare steak, place the ribeye on the grill and cook the meat for about two and a half minutes on one side


- Rotate the meat 45 degrees and continue for two minutes


- Flip the meat over and cook for four minutes on the other side. Adjust the times based on thickness of steak or preference of temperature.


- Once your desired temperature is achieved (130°-135° for medium rare, 135°-140° for medium), pull off the grill and let it rest again for 0-15 minutes before serving to allow the meat to retain its juice.


On the stove  

- The best way to prepare a ribeye is by cooking in a cast-iron pan. By using the pan, you can get a nicer crust and you can incorporate a basting method into the cooking process, this helps to improve the flavour of the meat.


- Place your cast-iron pan on the largest and hottest eye on your stovetop and let the pan get very hot.


- Place the steak into the pan and let it sear until the crust begins to form. This usually takes about 4 minutes.


- Flip the steak and add a tablespoon of butter a sprig or two of fresh thyme (or any herb of your choice) and let the steak continue searing for another three minutes while basting the steak with the melted butter.


- Once the desired temperature is reached, let the steak rest 10 minutes before you cut into it as this allows the meat to retain the juices and prevents drying out the meat.


Enjoy! We will look forward to our dinner invite...


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