How White Socks Have Become Cool Again

How White Socks Have Become Cool Again

Believe it or not, white socks haven’t always been so greatly hated. Paul Newman is one of the very few men that have managed to make white socks cool. This image (Below) shows Newman reclining on the front of a boat, beer in hand, looking every bit the modern style icon.

Another white sock legend is the King himself; Elvis Presley wore them in the famous 1757 Jailhouse Rock video. Probably the coolest man who ever lived definitely knew how to wear the trend.  

We cannot forget the most iconic pair of white socks…

Michael Jackson in his Swarovski crystal-encrusted socks to perform ‘Billy Jean’ on the 1984 Victory tour.


For those who couldn’t afford the Swarovski encrusted socks, it was the preppy college young men of the 50’s that initially made the socks work. Famous for cultivating athletic, intelligent boys styled with their slick crew cuts, bright Madras shorts, beaten up penny loafers and bright white socks. For the first time, rich, young, intelligent men were wearing white socks and looking great while doing it.

Where did it all go wrong? As any fashion trend, it is likely they just ran their course and they fell out of fashion. Where the white tube sock once signified athlete or the calling of a hard drinker, hard womanizer, by the late nineties they became synonymous with creepy uncles that would wear them with sandals bought from the classified section of The Daily Express.

Well now we can safely say they are starting to become cool again, whether they are being ironically worn with Adidas or Supreme pool slides by the fashion crowd or teamed with skate shoes by new, more soulful brand of urban artists, white socks are definitely starting to look cool again.


How To Wear…

If you are going to attempt the daring trend then be sure to pull it off in the right way. Wear white socks with trainers and slim cut jeans (very Newman). The Bewley and Ritch Favel shirt will give your look a preppy and quirky twist. Alternatively a simpler shirt like Stroke or Roes will give you the cool, laid back, Athletic look of the 50’s.

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