What To Wear To Work In The Summer

What To Wear To Work In The Summer

We would love to sit on the beach all summer long, sipping fruity cocktails from a fancy glass with a curly straw whilst baking in the sun. Unfortunately life isn’t that kind and the harsh reality is that even when the sun eventually comes out, we will still have to work.

At these times the usual office get-up won’t do. If bosses around the world were kind and declared a temporary amnesty on smartness, then our problems would be solved. We still wouldn’t be soaking up the sun but it would be a lot better then trying to battle the sweat factor while still remaining reasonably smart. But if you are smart enough to land on this article then you need worry no more - scroll down for our top recommendations for day-today office wear for those days when you’d rather be outside.


Polo Shirt

A classic polo shirt is an essential for any man’s wardrobe. You'd normally wear casually at the weekend with jeans, but for work we recommend dressing it up with a pair of chinos and smart shoes. Polos are great for keeping you cool in the summer and look smart and stylish too. To find everything you need to know about polo shirts read our post HERE.

Beal - Blue £30.00 

Short Sleeved Shirts 

This one makes perfect sense - if you're too hot in long sleeves then go for a shorter option. Short sleeve shirts can look great in a classic white or black that goes with everything and keeps your look simple. If you're brave enough to be a bit more daring with your prints then go for a patterned shirt to add some summer fun to our outfits.

Starns - White £35.00

Stroke - Black £40.00


Zip Up Sweats  

On those chilly mornings before the sun comes out, a zip up sweater is the perfect stylish cover up. Wear over a short-sleeved shirt and a smart pair of trousers to master the smart/casual look.

Acetech - Grey Marl £50.00


Never face a sweaty commute again!

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