How To Survive A Hot Commute To Work

How To Survive A Hot Commute To Work

Most of us spend a lot of time longing for the sun to appear, or devote that time to working so we can afford a ticket to take us to it. But as soon as it arrives in this country we start whining about the heat. The British are particularly good at this. It’s all well and good if it’s 28°C and you’re lying on a sun lounger with a parasol and a Mojito in hand, but when you’re slumming it to work on a train packed with other commuters, it’s a whole other story. If you're the unfortunate soul that forgot to pull a sickie on the hottest day of the year then you can at lest dress appropriately and make the commute a little more bearable.



It’s fair to say that even if it’s sweltering outside, tank tops and aloha shirts are off-limits as office wear. This short-sleeved shirt is just the thing - smart, lightweight and breathable. There's nothing worse then huge sweat patches in a long sleeved shirt, slowly increasing in size throughout your journey to work.

Sirling - Navy £35.00


Polo shirts can be another great option for your commute, less likely to cause sweat patches and they can come in a variety of colours and styles to suit your work dress code. There's a reason why they're worn by tennis players, so get a few in your wardrobe!

Gamby - White £35.00


Maybe you work in a more casual office but still want to look smart. Why not opt for a smart Bewley and Ritch T-shirt, simple and classic. Wear with chinos and espadrilles for a smart office ensemble.

Twigs - White £25.00


Make sure you drink lots of water and eat a good breakfast before your commute to keep hydrated and nourished.

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