Top On-Trend Hairstyles For 2017

Top On-Trend Hairstyles For 2017

For a guy our hairstyles are a big deal. It’s one of the first things people notice about us so it’s important to look cool and not stick with the same out of date hair cut we’ve had nice the 90’s. Here are the top hairstyles for the upcoming year that will give you a fresh new on-trend look.


The Brit-Boy Fade 

This is an update from the long on top fade, for an updated style try a shorter textured version. This has an edgy creative-guy feel that is now less Brooklyn and more London Boy.


Tom Hardy & Zayn Malik 

The Slick-Back 

A tapered haircut can’t just flop around as it is, the guys today are slicking the hair back with high-shine pomades and gels in order to give it a 20’s polish. The look is very charming and looks it’s best with a well-fitted suit.

Jared Leto & Mark Ronson

The Rebel Curls

Have you got a head of curls hiding under your beanie hat? Follow the lead of rock-star rebels like the 1975’s Matt Healy and let them hang long and shaggy because they are meant to look messy.

Matthew Healy & Shia LaBeouf

The Suedehead

Close to the skinhead look but a little dressier and the hair is slightly longer. This is the unpretentious version of the buzz-cut which also makes you appear younger and a bit edgier too. To get this style, ask you barber for a #2 or #3 guard, keeping the length the same all over.

Justin Bieber & Dave Franco

The Lazy Man’s Pompadour

Pompadours or “quiffs” have been around for several years but instead of forming them into a rock solid shape, run a soft wax through the quiff instead to enhance the natural wave. Run your hands through it all day long for a relaxed feel.

John Cho & Robert Pattinsons

The Dreads

This is a style made cool by The Weekend and requires a lot of time and commitment but they are worth the wait. Very few people have the patience to form dreads so you know everyone will agree that they look cool.


The Weekend & Jaden Smith 

The Handsome Dad 

Do you find yourself reading this thinking ‘no, I’m too old for these’? Well, the handsome dad is a classic cut that will always look good. It is a little bit longer on the top and towards the front with a gentle tapering on the back and sides. You must keep it looking fresh for it to always look cool.

Jake Gyllenhaal & Liam Hemsworth 

Article credit: GQ 

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