Most Talked About Christmas Adverts

It's that time of year again - Christmas trees are starting to appear, the weather's turned and high street retailers are competing for the best Christmas advert. Some opt for an emotional approach while others prefer to make people laugh, but one things for sure, this trend isn't going anywhere. As social media grows these adverts are only becoming more important for retailers. We've been feeling Christmassy and watching all of the adverts in the office, so here's our run down of the ads that have got the nation talking…

John Lewis – Buster The Boxer

John Lewis pretty much set the standard for Christmas adverts, so this year's big reveal was hotly anticipated. We can safely say no one expected a dog on a trampoline. Inevitably some people were disappointed by the lack of Father Christmas, but others say a year of political bombshells has created demand for a more simple and comforting message. Well those hedgehogs must be pretty upset about Brexit because they seem to have forgotten to hibernate.

M&S – Christmas With Love From Mrs Claus

This advert pays attention to its core customers by casting the elegant and stylish actress Janet McTeer in lavish red coat that's probably flying off of the shelves in M&S stores as this very moment. If you're racking your brain trying to place her she recently appeared in the movies Me Before You, The Woman in Black and Maleficent. The advert has a brilliant story line directed by King’s Speech director Tom Hooper; we won't spoil the story but it features the "R-Dolf" helicopter, plenty of festive touches and a pretty heartwarming message.

Sainsbury’s – The Greatest Gift

This is definitely one of our favourite adverts, a heart-warming story about a Dad called Dave trying to find the perfect gifts for his family. It stars James Corden as Dave, also putting those skills gained in Carpool Karaoke to good use singing the soundtrack.

The advert shows Dave struggling to meet his demands at work and always getting home too late to see his kids before bedtime. After realising his kids are missing him he returns to the toy factory where he works and develops toy robots to do his job so that he can be at home with his children…aww! The advert is over three minutes long but it’s well worth it.

Waitrose – Home For Christmas

Waitrose have definitely gone for the John Lewis’s angle with another emotional advert involving animals. The advert follows one Robin's epic journey home for Christmas, battling the elements and finally getting home very late for his mince pie - a story Southern Rail customers will undoubtedly be familiar with. But it's cute all the same.

Aldi – Kevin The Carrot

Aldi have gone for something a bit different with the story of Kevin the Carrot. Every carrot wants to meet Father Christmas, and for this lucky guy his wish came true! Like Waitrose, this advert features an epic journey (this time across the dinner table) and ends with a Christmas miracle...


Boots – The Gift of Beauty  

This is an advert like no other; Boots recognised that many families can't spend Christmas together and decided to do something about it. They handpicked women who are fire fighters, nurses, paramedics and others who have to work on Christmas Day, then gave them women a lavish makeover to attend a party with their friends and families. It's nothing like any of the others, but it's definitely inspiring and heartwarming.

Bewley and Ritch – The Christmas Dog

Sorry just kidding! We spent the Christmas ad budget on a new photocopier for the office. Woops. Maybe next year...

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