Our Recommendations for Black Friday

Two words: Black Friday!! It's time to go crazy and get the bargains in time for Christmas or maybe just to treat yourself. We have some great offers on Bewley and Ritch products and we don't want you to miss out, so here are our reccomendations.

Tees –

You can't go wrong with a basic t-shirt. They go with black jeans, blue jeans, chinos, anything you like. But don’t waste your money on cheap tat, invest in a quality Bewley and Ritch t-shirt that last longer and wear better. Each t-shirt features the iconic Bewley and Ritch dog logo or metal badge so your investment won’t go unnoticed by your friends. We have a variety of different patterns and colours all available for a great price this Black Friday. 

Aziza T-shirt - £20.00 from £25.00 

Reed T-shirt - £18.00 from £20.00

Checked Shirts –

The checked shirt is a personal favorites of ours. They're a wardrobe staple for every man, so much more trendy and daring than a plain old shirt,  everyone from rock stars to lumberjacks are wearing them. They look best with jeans for a smart casual look, or dress them up for the office with black jeans and smart leather shoes.

Robbins Shirt - £28.00 from £40.00

Reed Shirt - £31.00 from £45.00

Red Shirts –

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas shirt to wear throughout the party season then our Beal and Geigy shirts are just what you need. Bright red will spread plenty of festive spirit wherever you go!

Beal Polo Shirt - £27.00 from £30.00

Geigy Shirt - £28.00 from £40.00

Subtle Patterned Shirt –

Looking for something with a little pattern but not too bright? We have the perfect short-sleeved shirts for you. Great with tailored trousers and a blazer for work, or wear with jeans for a night at the pub or a casual meal out with mates.

Jagger Shirt - £24.50 from £35.00

Royal shirt - £20.00 from £35.00

Blue Hues -

Blue is always a safe choice for shirts; it's a change from classic white but sill conservative and formal. It also suits a wide range of skin tones and hair colours making it an attractive option for your wardrobe staples. For powder blue shirts opt for ties and blazers in the same colour family like darker navy. To wear casually avoid wearing blue jeans that will wash out the shirt; black or very dark jeans work best to add contrast.

Hurst Shirt - £28.00 from £40.00

Aland Shirt - £36.00 from £40.00

Sale ends midnight on Monday - view the complete range here.

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