The 10 Most Annoying Gym Goers

The 10 Most Annoying Gym Goers

Considering it’s Spring, otherwise known as Gym Season, we’re on a health kick aiming to get fit for Summer. Unfortunately, that means spending hours at the gym – or 30 minutes if you’re me. And surprise, surprise! It only takes 30 minutes to recognize some people lack simple gym etiquette.


Here’s the 10 most annoying people you’ll find at the gym…

If you’re one of them, please stop.



When I first went to the gym and seen “No Phone Calls” signs, I thought to myself – surely no one comes to the gym and takes a conference call? Oh, how I was wrong. I’m starting to think I’ve accidentally walked into a call centre. This goes for grunting too – on every rep? Calm down.



“If you’re not sweating, you’re doing it wrong.” Yes, that may be true. I can see your sweat. I can probably smell your sweat. But do I want to get drenched in your sweat because you forgot to wipe down your machine? Nooooo. Clean up after yourself. There’s cleaning products sitting right there. Literally. Right there.



Assuming you’re old enough to care about your fitness, you’re old enough to NOT leave your weights on the floor. No one’s going to come behind you and tidy up. Put your weights back on the rack!



Contrary to popular belief – the mirrors in the gym are not for selfies. They’re there so you can ensure you’re doing movements correctly. (Trust me, there is a right way to Squat…) And don’t try to play it off as a progress picture, we all know the difference.



Now I’m not one to be biased, but time and time again, I see couples come to the gym and follow each other around. Having someone to spur you on and motivate you is great – but following one another around like a lost puppy and not actually working out? Nope. Not having it. Sorry.



You’re all set. Weights/machine ready to go. Suddenly, you remember you need water. The water fountain is 2 meters away and somehow, in that space of time everything disappears. Ah yes, the gym thief has struck again.



There’s nothing worse than someone who hogs a machine and even rests on it between sets. Be efficient with your time. Bounce between machines and work multiple parts of your body. If you want a rest, find an appropriate place to sit down and post that Instagram “progress” pic.



Ever heard of personal space?! There’s plenty of room in the gym, so why are you glued to my hip? I’m trying to do a Burpee but suddenly there’s limbs coming at me from all directions. This also applies to people who stand right next to the machines, waiting for you to finish. I’m going to take even longer just to annoy you. If I can, that is.



Whether the gym class is 30 minutes or 60, coming late does yourself no favours. You miss the warm-up which is essential for any physical activity. And you disrupt everyone else in the class! If you can’t make it in time, use the machines instead. This also goes for those of you who sign up to classes but never show up – there’s limited places, don’t do it!



Yes, you may look at someone and think they’re doing absolutely nothing right. But does that mean you get to share your presumptuous, gym knowledge and wisdom? If you’re not their personal trainer, keep your mouth shut. You can’t asses someone you don’t know.


Which gym goer annoys you the most? Let us know below!


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