Get Fit (or Die Trying)...

Get Fit (or Die Trying)...

Hand's up if your New Year's resolution was to get fit? Or if you've been paying for a gym membership that still hasn't been used? Ok, maybe that's just me but enough is enough. We're almost in May and if this weeks weather doesn't motivate you to get fit, nothing will.

Now I'm not going to fool myself by claiming I'll go to the gym everyday, let's be realistic. But, I am making a few small changes to help get me there... Slowly, but surely.

Whether it's the lift or escalator, we're all guilty of taking the easy way out. Start small - take the stairs in work. You should probably leave a little earlier to begin...

Taking a quick Uber here and there may be tempting, but walking when you can will burn calories AND save you money. It's a win, win. Delete that Uber app. Do it now.

Walking is possibly the easiest way to get in shape and the cheapest. Throw on a pair of trainers and you can go pretty much anywhere. Walk to work, walk to the shop, walk to the pub...

Throw yourself in at the deep end. Sign up to an exercise class - you don't need to have a gym membership to attend but if you do, you'll find a lot of them are free. If you're still reluctant, try choosing a class that doesn't feel like exercise.

Get fit with food. Make small changes over time.
- Start adding vegetables to every meal.
- Snack on fruit and nuts.
- Choose brown bread over white.
- Use sweeteners instead of sugar.
- Always having a fizzy drink with lunch? Try having coke once a week.

If you're anything like me and you lack personal motivation, convincing someone to get on board with your fitness plan is your first task. Dragging yourself to the gym is tough enough but when you have someone else to share your pain, it can be a little easier. A little.



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