Sweater and Jumper Styles and How to Wear Them

Every man needs a good collection of sweaters and jumpers to keep him warm during the winter months. When layered with shirts and jackets a jumper can be an extremely stylish way to finish off your outfit. We are here to give you the ultimate guide on what jumpers you need and how to wear them.

Roll Neck Jumpers... 

The roll neck jumper was originally seen on pop legends such as Elvis, Steve McQueen and Robert Redford, but they fell out of favour and became the worst jumper to be seen wearing in the early 2000s. Luckily they are back on trend now and when worn correctly roll necks can be on of the best pieces in a man’s wardrobe.  

To wear this style casually we recommend light grey jeans to complement the black jumper. A casual jacket like a denim or bomber adds warmth and a pair of battered old trainers give an edge to your look.

For a more formal look a roll neck is a great alternative to a shirt under a suit. Wear your black roll neck like David Gandy here with a grey suit or go all black for a slick and simple look.

Roll neck jumper - Cheal Black £40.00

Crew Neck Sweaters…

This is the most traditional jumper style; with the classic round neck it can be worn with pretty much anything. The design allows it to sit around the base of your neck and give a clean finish that suits all body shapes.  

For a casual look wear a crew neck with skinny jeans or fitted joggers and a pair of suede lace up boots. For a preppy look, a leather satchel will finish the outfit off nicely.

For work, layer a shirt underneath your sweater and wear with tailored trousers. This will look great with a fitted blazer or smart wool coat over the top too.

Crew neck jumper - Skelter Navy £22.50

Knitted Jumper…

A good knitted jumper is worth investing in; it will last you for years and come out every winter. The cable knits will keep you extra cosy and are great for layering with other items. 

To wear casually try styling your knitted jumper with a padded gillet. This will give you extra warmth and make you look like the super stylish guy you are.

For work, wear a shirt under your jumper, preferably in a lighter colour to make the collar stand out. A pair of chinos with look smart in either beige or navy and compliment the texture of the jumper.

Knitted Jumper - Stanton Charcoal Marl £45.00

Zip Collar Jumper…

Made famous by the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo Pullover, the zip collar jumper is a timeless classic for any gentleman. This style is great for winter at it is ideal for layering, and don't stint on quality; a zip collar jumper should be hardy enough to last you for years to come.

To wear casually, layer it over a high neck t-shirt to add a subtle and slick look to your outfit. This style of jumper looks great with bootleg jeans and a smart brogue shoe.  

For a smarter look, layer a smart shirt and tie underneath. Patterned or checked shirts will add a nice pop of colour, but it should be a completely different colour to that of the jumper. Wear tailored trousers but avoid wearing with a blazer as this can look too bulky.

Zip Collar Jumper - Berger Navy £55.00


(All images taken from Pinterest)

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