Are You Above The Average Man?

Are You Above The Average Man?

Every man has wondered if they are better then the man sat next to them. Being a man, knowing where you stand in the country is probably more important to you than you care to admit. We're pretty sure you will have googled ‘average UK salary’ at some point in your life. To save your internet history the indignity of your insecurities, we have found some of the most popular ‘average’ search terms so you can see how you compare.


Average UK salary: £27,271


You may be congratulating/consoling yourself right now!? This data was taken by the Office For National Statistics from 21,563,000 people earnings. Their jobs were broken down into the averages for each profession. The top jobs were Brokers, who earned £133,677 on average, followed by chief executives and senior officials on (£107,703), aircraft pilots and flight engineer’s (£90,146) and marketing and sales directors (£82,962). At the other end of the sale were retail assistants (£10,296), cleaners (£7,919), waitresses (£7,554) and bar staff (£7,404).


Average IQ UK: 100


According to a BBC poll we are all around the 100 mark two thirds of us fall in the 85 to 115 range. If you are above then 115 then congratulations, you are in the nation’s top third. If you want to make it to the real smart stage then you have to reach over 135. If you don’t know your IQ then take this free online IQ test


Average life expectancy for men 79.1 years


It doesn’t look great for UK men with the average life expectancy only being 79.1 years, whereas women thunder on until the age of 82.8 years. The good news is that life expectancy has generally been increasing over the last 30 years, but the bad news is that recently (2013-2015) improvements slowed thanks to a bumper year of deaths in 2015, according to the Office For National Statistics.


Average male height UK: 5ft 9in (175.3cm)


If you are above 5ft 9in then you are officially above average which is a great way to brag to the ladies who only like “tall” men. A study by Imperial College London showed that us Brits are climbing the ranks of the tallest people in the world. We have overtaken the USA to become the 31st tallest nation in the world. Just stay clear of Holland where their average height is just under 6ft.


Average house price UK: £207,308


If you are yet to scale the property ladder then you're in luck, house prices are actually falling according to the mortgage supplier Nationwide. But the bad news is that the average house price increased by 1.5 per cent in England and a whopping 2.1 per cent in Whales last year.



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