5 Grooming Products You Should Be Stealing From Your Mrs.

5 Grooming Products You Should Be Stealing From Your Mrs.

For years your other half has probably been hiding away your favorite jumpers to keep her warm during the winter months and lounging around in your expensive work shirts on Sunday afternoons. Now it’s time to get your own back. You many not realise it but the solutions to your more irritating hair and skin problems are probably sitting right there in front of you, just on the other side of the bathroom cabinet that you don’t tend to look in. After reading this you will know what to buy “her” as a gift next time you are near a Boots.


Sort Out Your Pores

Blackheads and pimples are a big no and so to freshen up your oily T-zone and nose, use nose pore strips. Your girlfriend is bound to have these somewhere. Apply after a hot shower as the steam will open up your pores making the cleaning easier. They may look painful but they can’t be that bad right? If she can use them, you can!


Rescue Your Lips


A heavy night on the town, a hot day in the sun, a long and exhausting shift stuck in an air conditioned office – there are lots of things that can cause your lips to become dry and chapped. Rescue your lips and leave them looking irresistible again with the help of an exfoliating lip scrub.


Add a Little Volume to Your Hair


A bad hair day can be soul destroying and can set your day off to a bad start. Avoid disasters in the future by getting to grips with a hair curler wand, which comes in a small barrel shape perfect for adding some volume to your short locks.


Keep Your Skin Healthy


Cleanser isn’t just for removing your girlfriend’s make-up, it is also great for getting rid of pore-blocking dead skin cells and all the daily grime that accumulates on your face. Once you have found the cleanser, put a small amount on a cotton wool pad and gently smooth it into your skin every night before bed. You will be left with a bright and healthy complexion.


Get Your Feet Holiday Ready


Horrible feet can be a real turn off when you’re on holiday and walking by the pool trying to impress the other holiday goers. Start using a foot cream to smooth even the roughest of skin.


Are there any other products that you have stolen from your girlfriend that we should know about? Leave a comment in the box below…don’t worry we wont tell her!

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