Twitter Ridicules PM's Paxman Debate With Hilarious #TheresaMayGIFs

Twitter Ridicules PM's Paxman Debate With Hilarious #TheresaMayGIFs


You may have caught last night’s live TV debate with Jeremy Paxman firing questions at Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. Paxman’s tactic of shouting his questions over and over again without any interest for the answer was very effective in annoying avoidant slogan-versed politicians. It was the current PM who appeared to take the most damage in the debate. At one point Paxman labeled her a “blowhard who collapses at the first sign of gunfire”, and she received heckles from the audience on a number of occasions.


Needless to say, Twitter gave its own verdict on May’s performance, using the hashtag #TheresaMayGIFS and some of the results were quite funny…




The election isn't long now so even though there were some very tweets on Paxman's show it's worth a watch to help you make your final decision. 
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