The Ultimate Bucket List ...For your dog.

The Ultimate Bucket List ...For your dog.

Yes, you read that right. This is the Ultimate Bucket List for your furry friend. Here at Bewley & Ritch our love for dogs is fairly obvious and given it’s the Year of the Dog, it was just a matter of time before we created a pet-friendly Bucket List.
It’s pretty shocking pet bucket list’s aren’t more common considering dogs can play a variety of roles in our lives… Travel companion, security officer, stress reliever, allergen detector and let’s face it, wingman. So here’s a few fun things you can do this Spring with your pet, no strings attached. We just have one rule: If you do tick off any of these things on our Bucket List, you MUST send us photographic evidence! (Triple points for videos)



Cook it yourself or search your city for a pet-friendly restaurant. There’s cat cafés everywhere, why not dog cafés?!



We all know how difficult it is to enjoy your holiday when you’re worrying about your dog staying in a kennel. Are they being fed? Are they sleeping properly? Do they miss me? Find a pet-friendly hotel and you’ll never have to worry again!



A lot of people stop teaching their pets tricks once they’ve mastered how to roll over and play fetch. Come on, be a little more creative. Spend some quality time with your pet and try teaching them the army crawl, the salute or even the handstand.



As much as I’m sure your dog loves playing with you, there’s just some things a human can’t do. Organise a play date, take him to the park and let him work his wingman magic. Two birds, one stone.



It’s Spring! You’re not going to wake up in 20 degree heat any time soon, you live in the UK. So make the most of a dry day and head for the beach. You may catch a cold but at least your dog will enjoy it.



How many of you have pledged to climb a mountain this year? Or complete a 5k run? Getting fit is probably the most common New Year’s resolution we make to ourselves. So why can’t our pets get in on the action? Fact is – they’ll enjoy running through nature a lot more than you.



Let me guess, your pet-less friends are booking a last minute Easter getaway and you’re left wondering if you can find a dog sitter in time to join? Pet-friendly planes and hotels come at a price – do it for free with camping! Don’t forget the dog treats.



Imagine yourself crawling into your dog’s bed every night and watching on whilst he jumps into yours – twice the size, pillows galore, topped with a big cozy duvet. Feel guilty? Good. Let your dog sleep in your bed just once. Everyone deserves a treat.



Whether you want to spend money on a professional dog massager is your choice but I will say, many believe doggy massages can help strengthen your pets’ immunity and improve digestion. The benefits of a ‘Pawicure’ (Manicure) are still undecided…



Prestigious dog shows aren’t for everyone but… If you’re someone who’s held on to their 3rd place high school running race medal, maybe it’s time your pet has something to be proud of.



We’ve all heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about wearing your dog on your chest? Check out our Iconic Collection here. Don’t forget, any and all dog pictures are welcome!

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