The Bank Holiday’s almost over – now what?

The Bank Holiday’s almost over – now what?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but someone has to say it… In case you didn’t know, we won’t have another bank holiday weekend until the end of August. Three months of short weekends. What’s going on UK? Who decided we should have four bank holidays in two months but none all Summer? We’re truly deprived as a Nation.


Anyways, enough of the negativity. This blog is focusing on the bright side of Summer! (I use the term ‘bright’ lightly. Let’s face it, we’re doomed to three months of cloudy days…) So, what can we look forward to in the next three months?  Here’s a few things you couldn’t do in those cold winter months…



Everything’s better when you do it outside. Eating lunch? Have a picnic. Got a gym class? Go cycling instead. Swimming, canoeing, horse riding… There’s an abundance of things you can do outside. Knowing our luck the Winter weather will come in September, get out while you can.



This one deserves recognition of its own – who doesn’t love a barbecue? The temperature rises by 0.5 degrees and suddenly we’re dusting off our BBQ’s. Honestly has to be the best part about Summer. Great food, few drinks and all your mates in one place. Can’t beat it.



Ok this one may be scraping the barrel but it’s worth a mention. The 21st of June is the longest day of the year, (we’ll ignore the fact it lands on a Thursday) maybe that’s something worth celebrating?



There’s nothing like a road trip in Summer. Windows down, music on. It doesn’t really matter where you’re heading, does it? Winter road trips just aren’t the same. The windows steam up, the car gets hot and stuffy, you’re constantly scared of hitting ice and the rain’s so strong you think it might actually break your windscreen. Nope, winter road trips just aren’t a thing.



It’s the Summer we’ve all been waiting for… 14th June, the World Cup’s back! What a long four years that was. Who are you placing your bets on?



It seems like printed shirts are everywhere this season, find yours in the Holiday Shop!



If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on holidays then I have one question – what are you moaning about?


Let us know your Summer plans in the comments below!
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