How To Prep For Your Summer Holiday

How To Prep For Your Summer Holiday

May is here and that means one thing – it’s finally holiday season! Wherever you’re jetting off to, it’s safe to say we’ve all been dreaming of a sunny getaway since January. (Don’t kid yourself, you have the countdown app). Chilling at the beach, the sun blazing, a cold Mojito in hand… I mean a cold beer, obviously. Ah, heaven.


But checking my countdown app every day/hour got me thinking, how many of us are prepared? Like, actually prepared? If you’re feeling confident that’s fine, off you go on your endeavors. But if you’re like me and can be slightly forgetful, here’s your very own last minute check list. You’re welcome.



If you’ve never turned up to the airport with an out of date passport, good for you! Unfortunately, I have. Not one of my finest moments. Go, right now and check your passport’s expiry date. It’s also worth researching the country you’re visiting’s requirements. Some will expect your passport to be valid for up to 6 months after entering. Do it now and you’ll thank me later.



How many of you have booked your flights but not your accommodation? Yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that. Or, now? It’s true the longer you wait, the more expensive it is. And please, read reviews before you book! Unless of course you’re fine with a cockroach infestation. Each to their own.



Insurance, how boring? I feel like a nagging parent but let’s be realistic, those of you who are going on a “lads holiday” will need insurance. The good news is you can get it fairly cheap on Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert site.



Make the most out of your holiday by doing a bit of quick research beforehand. And this doesn’t just apply to those of you who want to see the sites. If you’re there for the nightlife then plan ahead. Find out who’s playing in each club throughout the week, do you need tickets? If you’re struggling for ideas, take a look on Time Out for inspiration.



Worried about carrying cash? Take out a Travel Card instead! They work exactly like a debit card – spend or withdraw cash as you wish. Just pre-pay it before you go, simple.



Ah, packing. It’s all fun and games until you have weight/height/depth restrictions. My advice? Go out and buy yourself portable luggage scales. You can find them for as cheap as £1 and you’ll avoid paying that extra €50 at the Airport. (If you plan on buying anything abroad, you should probably bring the scales with you.) Worried about losing your suitcase? If you’re travelling with a friend, pack half in theirs and half in yours (and vice versa). If you have a fairly generic suitcase, you may also want to wrap a scarf around it.



Do you know how many people go abroad and forget sun cream? I personally don’t but considering how many red shoulders I seen after last week’s heat wave, I’m betting it’s a lot. If you’re just taking hand luggage, it’s worth buying plastic travel bottles – this will be a lot cheaper than buying miniature toiletries that run out within a day.



Do you need vaccines? Take medication that runs out while you’re away? What about mosquito/insect repellent? Having a heavy night, where’s your Paracetamol? If you haven’t broken in your new shoes, you may even want to consider some plasters.



Finally, the fun bit. Do you have your swim shorts at the ready? Your light tee’s for your hungover breakfast runs? A loud, printed shirt for a night out? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Take a look at our HOLIDAY SHOP for everything you’ve missed.


Now you have everything there’s just one thing left to do….
Crack open a cold one and enjoy!
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