It's National Stress Awareness Day!

It's National Stress Awareness Day!

It’s November 1st, which means it’s National Stress Awareness Day!
We've put together our Top 5 Steps to help you de-stress before, during and after work!


1. Keep a Journal

Use your journal to plan each day at work. Make lists of tasks to complete and tick each one off as you go. Having your responsibilities organized in front of you will help you feel in control of your work load and reduce the associated stress.


2. Exercise

If you’re struggling with how to leave your work problems at work, try taking out your frustrations in the gym. Although exercising may seem like a chore to a lot of us (myself included), it has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels.

FYI: When we exercise, our body releases chemicals called endorphins which reduce the perception of pain.

3. Listen to Music

Whatever your musical preferences are, taking time out to relax and listen to your favourite artist can have a tremendously relaxing effect on your mind. Music will help you easily zone out from work and make the most of your personal time.

(Try to avoid using your phone during this time - reading work emails and keeping up with current affairs won't help anyone.) 

4. Run a hot bath

Let’s face it, we can’t run off to a Spa after every working day – running a hot bath is the next best thing. With the colder weather approaching, a bath is the easiest way to warm up, relax and sooth your body's muscles (great if you experience aches and pains from your job).

5. Get Support

Talk to your colleagues! Whether it’s simply ranting about the mountain of things you have to do or asking for help, talking to someone in a similar position will keep you sane.


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