Gift ideas for Him!

Gift ideas for Him!

Help has arrived… The Bewley and Ritch Christmas Gift Guide is here!


We know how stressful Christmas shopping can be (especially when men are the most difficult people to buy for!)

So whether you need a present for your partner, brother, dad or that guy in work you’ve never spoken to but ended up having for Secret Santa…

We’ve come up with a simple guide to help you along the way.


1. S O C K S

Price: £15

If you’ve just spent all your money on the Black Friday sales (you’re not alone), then there’s no way to sugar coat it – socks are your only option. Don’t worry, these aren’t just your typical, boring office socks. We like to think of ours as foot attire. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs, they even make a great stocking filler!


2. W I N T E R  C O A T

Price: £50

Want an expensive present without the expensive price tag? Then now’s the perfect time to get our Scotson Coat. Whether he’s fashion conscious or simply needs a warm coat, at £50 you really can’t go wrong.

3. P A R T Y  S H I R T
Price: £45
Tis the season for Christmas festivities! Are you tired of seeing him wear the same old shirt? Purchase a new party shirt and he’ll have no excuse not to wear it, you can never have too many!

4. D E N I M
Price: £50

“I have too many pairs of jeans!” – Said no one, ever. 

Got a big budget? Get a top to match! Present sorted.

5. P L A N N I N G  A  S U N N Y  C H R I S T M A S?
Price: £35

Let me guess, the holiday’s booked and because you were too busy filling your own suitcase, you forgot to buy Christmas presents for everyone else. But everywhere’s only selling knitwear? Never fear, we have brand new Short Sleeved Shirts in too!

P.S. We kind of hate you…



6. A F T E R S H A V E  +  R O M A N
Price: £40 

Who doesn’t love practical presents? The Roman t-shirt is a wardrobe essential, get it in white, navy, grey or black. Add a bottle of aftershave and you have yourself a 10/10 present for just £40 or less!

Choose from Lacoste for just £18 (SAVE 40%), Paul Smith for £19.50 (SAVE 35%) or Davidoff for £19.50 (SAVE 50%)!

7. G R O O M I N G  K I T  +  S H I R T

Price: £40

Want more for your money? Shop our sale items! Pick up a shirt like Krised for just £20, you can’t deny it’s a festive style! Add in this Nivea Wash Bag for just £21 (SAVE 40%)!

8. G I F T  C A R D

Still can’t decide? Buy the Bewley and Ritch Gift Card! Why spend time worrying if they’ll like their present, if it will fit, if it will arrive in time… It’s too much stress!

9. L A S T  R E S O R T

Last but certainly not least... Alcohol. It never fails. 

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