Five Great Things About the Cold Weather

Five Great Things About the Cold Weather

Don’t mope around mourning the end of summer, look forward to all the benefits of the colder weather instead…

1. Better TV

The cold months mean the best TV. If Bake Off, Strictly and X Factor aren’t quite your cup of tea, you’ve got the new series of The Island with Bear Grylls, or Mitchell and Webb’s new grown up version of Peep Show Back. Even if none of those tickle your fancy you can legitimately stay in binge watching Netflix, because no one’s inviting you out in the pouring rain anyway.

2. Layering

Nothing beats layering up your winter clothes. Taking a break from the gym? No one will know when you layer that sharp blazer over a cosy jumper. Your winter coat gets a chance to shine and accessories are king. Have fun with it!

3. Guilt free eating (sort of)

Keeping warm uses up precious energy so you need to eat more to keep your strength up, plus comfort food helps banish the winter blues. Ok perhaps this isn’t all strictly scientific, but it is true that a steaming bowl of soup, stew or shepherd’s pie is always more appealing than a salad. So dive in!

4. Save money by not going out

Checking out that new bar or doing a spot of late night shopping is significantly less appealing in sub-zero temperatures or lashing down rain, and your wallet will thank you for staying in the warm and dry. Double win.

5. Good excuse for a cheap holiday

Sick of staying in? Escape the miserable weather with a cheeky holiday – Morocco, Eygpt or the Canary Islands are excellent value during the British winter – just avoid the school holidays for the best prices and maximum relaxation.

Have we missed anything?

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