Everything You Need to Know About Polo Shirts

There is a fine line between looking cool and looking like a fool when wearing a polo shirt. When worn correctly they can look stylish, attractive and flatter your body shape very nicely. We are here to give you the ultimate polo shirt guide so you never get it wrong again.

Types of Polo Shirts

The Classic 

This is loose and a more relaxed fit. Straight up and down with a longer arm length.

Hawan Navy - £35.00

The Custom cut

This is slightly trimmer and a shorter length with a shorter arm.

Geynes Navy - £35.00 

The Slim Cut

This is very similar to a custom cut but has a trimmer fitting to the body and is rather snug.

Beal Blue - £30.00

How to Not Wear a Polo Shirt

  • DO NOT double layer or triple layer your polo shirt. That is a chav trend of the past and is definitely not the stylish thing to do anymore. This is only acceptable for a very bad fancy dress party as an American jock.
  •  Popping your collar may have been cool in the school playground but not anymore. Leave that collar down.
  • Big logos are definitely another no-no. They are the perfect way to go from classy and smart to cheap and tacky. Unless you are part of a rugby team or on a stag do they are not acceptable. A small logo however can be a smart addition to a polo. The smaller the better.

Brief History

The polo shirt originates from back in the 19th century and was first developed in India around the time polo because a popular sport with British soldiers. Cotton was the chosen material as a way of keeping the players cool.

Thanks to famous tennis player, Jean Rene Lacoste the polo shirt progressed. His nickname was ‘The Crocodile’ hence where the famous crocodile logo came from. He went against tradition designing the polo shirt with short sleeves and an unstarched collar and it has now become the polo shirt we know today. After his tennis career, Lacoste went on to a very successful career in his apparel company.

It is likely you are familiar with the popular designer Ralph Lauren. In the 1970’s he launches his clothing line ‘Polo’ and so came the name ‘polo-shirt’. The popular design took America and Britain by storm.

We Recommend


We offer a fantastic range of BEAL polo shirts in all colours to suit you're personal tastes. Wear with a pair of skinny jeans and chelsea boots for a few pints down at the pub with your mates. On the other hand they are also a great style for playing golf with you're Dad on the weekends. 

Beal White - £30.00

Beal Sky - £30.00

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For a more formal style you can opt for one of our detailed polo shirts, ideal for a smart casual look for work. They look great styled with a pair of chinos or tucked into a pair of tailored trousers. Wear with brogues to add an edge to your outfit. 

Hawan Navy - £35.00

Marius Navy - £35.00

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Helpful post. I agree with your recommendations. Thanks for sharing.

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