Are you prepared for your Christmas Party?

Are you prepared for your Christmas Party?

It’s almost December which means one thing – it’s almost Christmas Party Season!

We can already smell the mulled wine… (Which isn’t nearly as nice as it’s made out to be!)

Here’s how we recommend preparing for all your upcoming festivities…


1. Don’t be that person who turns up in a Christmas jumper! We get it, you love Christmas – but that doesn’t mean you need to wear your festive feelings. Get yourself party ready with one of our shirts.

2. Book the next day off work! We’ve all made that “I’ll go for a few and leave early” mistake, has anyone ever successfully left a Christmas party early? If you have, then please do let us know how. What’s your secret?




3. Don’t drink too much! Yes we know it can be difficult, who’s counting when it’s free? But trust us, you don’t want to be that one person whose Christmas Party actions are still talked about years later… (Seriously, let it go already!)

4. Ok so now that we’ve covered all the pre-party preparation, what about the dreaded day after? Stock up! Paracetamol, Berrocca, Just Eat, a fizzy cold can of full-fat coke… Whatever gets you through your hangover, make sure you have them in arms reach!



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