5 Rules To Help You Lose That Belly

5 Rules To Help You Lose That Belly

Are you trying you get the perfect body to impress on the beach this summer? Or maybe you're just trying to be a little healthier? We have the best tips to try and help you shed a few extra pounds without having to do any drastic diets or intense fitness regimes.


1) Carbs Aren’t an Enemy


It's easy to think of carbs as being the devil, and high-protein as being the miracle alternative. However losses in carb-restricted diets tend to be losses in water weight rather than tissue - you can sensibly incorporate the right carbs into your diet everyday and still see dramatic results. So ditch the white, processed varieties and keep to the good stuff – granary toast or porridge for breakfast, bananas before workouts, brown rice or quinoa at lunch and then tail off the carbs for dinner to just lean protein and veg.


2) Pick The Right Proteins


Another diet myth that has conned us before was the idea of eating unlimited proteins from any old source as long as the carbs were low. Now we must focus on pushing protein high but keeping in lean – fish, chicken, turkey and egg whites. These foods mean you are benefiting from the protein’s power for feeding your muscles and satisfying your appetite without the high fats and calories.


3) Meal-planning is Everything


Get a noticeboard for your kitchen and write out a weekly grid with room to write out breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day. Even leave gaps for mid-morning and afternoon snacks. This will guarantee you stay on track with your meals and creates a structure around your meal times. Most importantly this won't leave you opening the fridge and wondering what you’re going to eat every night.


4) Fill Up On Vegetables


The first week of changing your diet will be hard as your body starts to adjust you will feel hungry. One way to counter this is to over stock on green vegetables and really fill your plate so you aren’t relying on a piece of grilled chicken or fresh fish to keep you full. There are many ways to add flavor to veg without spiking calories – broccoli and a splash of soy sauce, spinach with lemon and chili, leeks and carrots with garlic and ginger.


5) Snack Right


Everyone enjoys a snack throughout the day and that’s fine, in fact it’s important that you do. Just make your you have the right options sitting in your desk draw. A handful of almonds and walnuts are rich in fibre and very good for you, or try an oat cake with cottage cheese, or a handful of berries.


You will start seeing the results in no time! 

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