What do Fathers REALLY want for Father's day?

Every year we go for the same gifts that we know our Dad’s will like but this isn’t necessarily what they would LOVE. This article is going to tell you what they are secretly hoping for.

Slippers - Clarks £18.00

Remote Control Helicopter - Argos £29.99

Every dad loves a cosy pair of slippers they can slip on after a long day at work. However, will the feeling of comfort be as satisfying as racing a remote control vehicle around the room? Just picture the joy on his face!

Socks - Sock Shop £10.99

Chocolates - Hotel Chocolat £10.00

Socks can be a play safe when you really don’t know what to get but surly there are already plenty in the sock drawer! Why not combine his love of chocolate and beer with The Beer Collection at Hotel Chocolat for only £10.

Mug - Super Mug £8.49

Tie - Tie Room £23.00

Mugs are a great gift as they are practical and useful. However a gift like a fancy tie from the Tie Room is what he secretly has his eye on. This will make him stand out in front of his work mates and be deemed as ‘the stylish’ one in the office.

Blazer - £100.00

Shirt - £40.00

Of course the ultimate gift you can buy to show your old man how much you love him is an item from Bewley and Ritch. We suggest this Bently Blazer or Haland Shirt. With our special father's day promotion of a £10 Voucher when you spend £60, you will be getting a good deal and putting a big smile on his face at the same time. 

See the terms and conditions of our Father's day offer here.





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