Top 10 Street Art Paintings in Manchester

In recent years Manchester has transformed into a flourishing and vibrant city due to the creation of blossoming street art. Whether they have been commissioned or popped up secretly over night, the Manchester public loves the designs and are now considered a part of Manchester's landscape.

Social Issues

The recent project Cities of Hope has seen world famous street artists create pieces around Manchester in an attempt to raise awareness of social issues. 

Artist: Nevercrew

Social Issue: Immigration and supporting refugees

Artist : Martin Whatson

Social Issue: The environment

Artist: Hyuros

Social Issue: War children

Artist: Dale Grimshaw

Social Issue: Globalization and conflict

Artist: C215

Social Issue: Homelessness


Artist: Tankpetrol 

Portrait of: Manchester own Mr Abthongy Burgess who wrote 'A Clockwork Orange'

Quote reads - "We can destroy what we have written, but we cannot un-write it".


Artist: Akse (specialised in photorealistic portraiture)

Portrait of: Prince 


Portrait of: David Bowie 



Artist: Faunagraphic

About the bird: Mural of Manchester commissioned in 2011 by Converse as part of their Wall-to-Wall project.

Artist: Mateus Bailon

About the bird: Exotic birds to remind people in the concrete jungle of nature.

We would tell you where they are but that's too easy so good luck finding them...

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